MoMo Tokyo - Oct. 29th - Demo Night at Wired Cafe

Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:00 - 22:00 JST

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As a warm MoMo welcome to Intl. visitors in-bound for the annual Ad:Tech conference, we are running another "APP Exhibition" styled event Oct. 29th on 5-Floor of the uber-trendy KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku.

We had a super time doing this 'Demo Pod' concept theme last year and look forward to another fantastic evening with no big screen presentations - All p2p Action - will be Fun!

Date: Monday, 29 October, 2012
Running Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Venue: Wired 360° Cafe :: GMAP
Access: 1,000 JPY with Advance Registration Required
Includes: 1-drink and lots of cool mobile folks.. @_@

So, if you are looking at where the scene is now, and where it's going, suggest you Register Above ASAP and head down to meet with some of the talented folks who are making that future happen.

We’ll see you all there.. Halloween Costumes optional!

-- MoMo Tokyo Team

Confirmed Demo Companies As Of Oct. 24th

2XM is a next-generation agency that blends creativity with technology to provide its clients with amazing experiences. 2XM masters multiple technologies that can form a complete ecosystem of mobility and interactivity: mobile app development, HTML5, giant touch surfaces, immersive projections, augmented reality, and more. Using this powerful toolset, 2XM tailors highly efficient solutions that matches the audience's mindset, the client's message and that deliver a real return for clients.

Atimi is a top tier mobile development firm, whom was brought in by Apple for the launch of Applications on the iPhone, for which we produced applications (New York Times, Warner Brothers, and more) for the announcement that apps would exist, kicking off the Apple ecosystem of applications. Due to our special relationship with Apple, and the large brands that we work with (HBO, Verizon, Bloomberg, ESPN, NHL and more) we have a level of access and relationship with Apple, which is beyond the norm. We have a 75% success rate of projects we work on being featured by Apple in TV, iTunes or other Apple marketing material.

BiFluent is the study of language learning, users can check the progress and performance trends of their English learning. Do you know the level of your English?

Find great foods, share your favorite meals, and earn points to become the King of your favorite food! See what the world is eating, learn where your friends are going, and discover the favorite dishes of the King of your favorite foods. Since we're just launching, you may not be able to find the food that you are looking for in your location. HELP US GROW! by posting a review on your favorite foods at your favorite place to help everyone with your recommendations! The more everyone posts photos and reviews, the more handy the app will become!

Free Now! Would you like to talk with some one new? "Free Now" is available for you! Free Now is a matching service for Line, Kakao Talk, and Skype users. It's really easy to use! Tap the "Free Now" button and you can post your available status on the Time Line. If you add a custom message to your post, you will find more people!! By looking at the Time Line, you can find latest posts from other users. When you tap the Line ID, Kakao Talk ID, Skype ID button, you can copy their IDs and open the app to search for them and talk!

Flybits is a software company focused on the design and development of cloud-based and context-aware mobile solutions that are adaptive and scalable. Flybits is an expert in the development of platforms that can support both the consumer and enterprise sectors concurrently. Flybits FARE (Flybits Activity Recognition Engine) is a proprietary patent protected solution that allows various sectors to build intelligent and adaptive applications without imposing expensive infrastructure and maintenance costs. FARE allows companies to visually plug their business rules and compose new behaviors for their mobile applications, in different situations and locations.

Mobify Studio – A full-featured toolset for designers to build adaptive websites for mobile and tablet devices. Mobify Cloud – Acceleration platform to deliver fast, reliable mobile and tablet experience to anyone, anywhere. Mobify.js – Open-source JavaScript framework for developers to create client-side adaptations of any website on any device.

A reward app for the iPhone. Answer surveys to receive wonderful gifts! Present Now is an app where users answer surveys to receive points they can use to enter drawings for wonderful gifts. At the Request Corner, users can also vote for the prizes they want for a chance to receive it as a present. The app's Intro Corner also showcases popular apps from past surveys! A wide selection of wonderful gifts! Collect those points and claim a prize!

Push Science is a mobile commerce software company that enables retail organizations to compete in the new era of mobile shopping. We provide branded shopping applications that allow sales associates and consumers to access product catalogs, view offers and deals, and order merchandise directly on smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV’s.

The photo application that makes cooking more enjoyable and delicious. 'SnapDish' processes your dish photo to make it look better. Convenient to use for interacting with those who like to cook and share recipes. The app has been downloaded and used by 400,000 people who love to cook.

Stiktu is a free app produced by Layar, running on SoftBank, that lets you remix the world by leaving something on anything in the world. It’s a fun social network where you can express yourself and see creations of others on daily newspapers, magazines, book covers, posters and more. With Stiktu you can: Scan anything around you and draw something on top of it, add drawing, text, images or stickers with the editor, publish and share your posts with friends on Facebook and Twitter and follow others to receive updates on what they’re creating.

Total Immersion is a global leader in augmented reality. Through its patented D'Fusion technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream.

Wifarer’s proprietary technology uses a venue’s existing WiFi to pinpoint the location of a smartphone inside a venue to an average accuracy of 1.3 meters. Wifarer’s software-only indoor positioning system opens the door to new and unprecedented indoor digital services. Wifarer is a software only solution that does not require any hardware beyond the venue’s existing WiFi infrastructure. Deployment is quick and rapidly scalable to multiple properties. Target markets include: airports, shopping centers, stadiums, museums, convention centers, and universities.

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