MoMo Tokyo - 7 Sept - Birthday Party 5.0

Mon, 07 Sep 2009 19:00 - 22:00

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That’s Right Folks - It’s coming up on the Big 5.0 for us since launch in 2004 and we’re ready for a major celebration! Be sure to block-off your calendar for September 7 and Book Reservations for our event of the season 8-) Please do comment in the message area there for our digital birthday card!

Legato in Shibuya

We’ve secured a fantastic venue - Legato in Shibuya - who have generously offered to provide an awesome buffet along with an open bar for two-hours! We look forward to welcome the MoMo Tokyo Alumni and expecting several special V-VIP guests will be in the house for this milestone occasion. If you
would like to add a door-prize for the meishi draw, ping us here to arrange.

Looking back over the years we have held 44 events, in at least a dozen different venues, with presentations coming from over 100 speakers. Our database shows delegates attending from right across the spectrum of the smallest to largest players, based both in Japan and overseas, with an even mix of folks with domestic and international backgrounds. What a Blast!

It has been an honour and pleasure to be involved with this project and we extend our deepest gratitude, on behalf of the entire mobile community, to every single one of you for making this adventure possible. Kanpai..!!

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