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Mon, 02 Aug 2010 18:30 - 22:00

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MoMo Tokyo – Aug. 2nd - Mobile Summer Matsuri

We hope you all enjoyed Marine Day, gotta love that Happy Monday System! If not, no worries, we’re planning to get the gang together for a Mobile Matsuri themed summer event. Just a simple gathering – come as you are and pay as you go – No presentations. All are Welcome for Belgium Beers out on the Patio, so bring a few friends and have a fun evening mixer with us under the Pink Elephant neon glow.. see full details below.

We also wanted to mention that our all new Mobile Monday Global website is live, be sure to register your profile bio. there and start connecting with the members from other MoMo chapters. Note: We are gearing up for the MM Summit in Helsinki late September to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, that will be a total scene, suggest you register soon!

Meanwhile, you can Follow Us on Twitter or Linkedin and keep tabs via The Mob Rulz flash e’Zine as well. Clearly with all the action around the MoMo world, not too mention everyones day job, it’s been hectic times. We bet you have a solid plan to escape for a well-deserved break sometime this summer, looking forward to see you again soon.. 8-)

Venue: Little Delirium Cafe – Shinjuku :: MAP


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