Mobile Monday Tokyo – Dec. 14th – Bonenkai 2011

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 19:00 - 23:00 JST

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What a year.. for those of you who have been here, and to many friends from overseas, our most sincere and humble thanks for your continued kind support during these difficult times. The Bonenkai season is upon us, but we’d suggest all the vodka in Russia – plus all the tequila in Mexico – would still not be nearly enough for us to ever forget 2011.

That said.. we have a super gathering planned, details below, and are looking forward to welcome you on Weds. Dec. 14th. There will be Plenty of food, more than enough ‘spirits’ and some great door prizes too, awaiting everyone at our year-end event. Special Thanks here to NAVTEQ for sponsoring and to our good friends at Bievanna for hosting this gig.

Date: Wednesday, December 14th from 7pm - 11pm
Venue: BierVana :: GMAP
Fee: 2,000 JPY – Register Above Required – a serious deal, even at twice the price.. 8-)

We have two local rising stars confirmed to give ‘lighting talks’ followed by hands-on demo action. The team from, winners at Tokyo Startup Weekend earlier this year, and Kawabata-san from AdLib, aka @Kabayan of Bar Android fame, with his ToneConnect application that just won Silicon Valley Award at A3 Together competition.

We’re also thrilled to welcome Ashish Bedekar, APAC Partner Relationship Manager, at NAVTEQ who will share details on the NAVTEQ Network for Developers which empowers application developers with the knowledge and resources needed to create the hottest, most differentiated location-based products. Access technical resources, support and business development services to build and market location apps for Web, mobile, automotive, GIS and enterprise markets worldwide. Join for free via

– MoMo Tokyo Team.. Yoroshiku!




開催日:12月14日(水曜日)19:00 – 23:00 PM
ビアヴァ-ナ - GMAP
入場料: 2.000円–事前登録要-通常の倍の料金ですがお買い得-バァフェスタイル+4ドリンク券!

当日は、日本の有望な2人のアプリ開発者を招待し実際のデモを交えた‘簡単なプレゼン’を予定しています。1人は、今年初めにあったTokyo Startup Weekend受賞作品remembAR.meのチ-ムで、もう1人は A3 Together大会でシリコンバレ-賞を受賞したAdLib/加畑氏(通称Bar Androidでは@Kabayanで有名)のToneConnectです。

NAVTEQ社でアジア・パシフィック地域パ-トナ-・リレ-イション・マネ-ジャ-であるアシシュ・ベデカ-氏も招待したことを大変に喜んでいます。同社は最も注目され最も差別化された位置情報ベ-ス製品に必要な知識や資源でアプリ開発者に最大限の力を付与するNAVTEQ Network for Developerを提供します。世界規模でWeb,モバイル、自動車、GIS,や企業の各市場に位置アプリの作成や販売するのに必要な技術資源へのアクセス、支援やビジネス機会の開発。詳細についてはwww.NN4D.comを参照して下さい。


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