Mobile Monday Tokyo - Smile.. It's Spring - Hanami Time!

Mon, 31 Mar 2014 13:00 - 22:30 JST

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Update Friday March 28th

Yatta.. Mobile Monday Hanami March 31st!

Looking at "official" weather forecast:

Thrilled to see everyone at Ueno Koen
Target area Map:

Bring a friend and party snacks.. 8-)

As we're headed into the 'official' 1st day of spring this week, it's time to get geared-up for our annual Yozakura Hanami action!! Indeed, Ueno Koen will be blooming again soon.. since it's really up to mother nature, lets target **around March 31st for starters - Register Above for updates - and we'll confirm final 'best' timing asap.. 8-)

Date: Monday, **March 31st
Time: 13:00 to 22:30
Location: Ueno Koen :: Map

Also wanted to note, for those who need a specific date locked into their schedules, the Tokyo Startups United group is thrilled to join at Happo-En Hanami on the evening of March 27th = an awesome venue and party plan. Meanwhile, the always amazing Android Bazaar and Conference is on March 21st - and - the First evAr Startup Weekend Tokyo Alumni event runs April 2nd. We look forward to see you 'out there' again soon!

-- MoMo Tokyo Team

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